Uche Montana Biography

Uche Montana Biography

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Uche Montana, also known as Uche Nwaefuna, is a talented Nigerian actress and model. She was born on May 8, 1994, in Lagos, Nigeria, and grew up in the Festac area of the city with her parents. Her family is originally from Abia State in Nigeria.

Uche Montana

Uche Montana

Real Name Uche Nwaefuna
Date of Birth May 8, 1994
State of Origin Abia State
Occupation(s) Actor
Parents Mr and Mrs Nwaefuna
Marital Status Single (2023)
Children None
Known Name Uche Montana
Age 29 years old (2023)
Net Worth $300,000








Uche went to Loral International School, Festac, Lagos for her elementary and high school. After that, she studied law at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education International School.




Acting Career




Uche started acting in 2015. Her first movie was Poison Ivy, where she played a housemaid. She then acted in a TV show called Hush from 2016 to 2017. She's also acted in many other Nigerian movies like The Fake Life of Abuja Housewives and Hire a Woman.




Uche's Husband / Child



Is Uche Montana married?


Currently, Uche is not married. She has said that she likes kind, patient, and ambitious men who are also rich. She also mentioned that she would never stop acting just because a man asked her to.








Uche is an actress, a model, and she also has her own business. Plus, she's a brand ambassador for a real estate company called Adozillionhomes.





Cars And Houses 




Uche recently bought a brand new Range Rover car. Her friends posted the news on social media.










"Uche has acted in lots of movies, including;



1. Dream Job

2. Hide 'N' Seek

3. My Grand Father's Wife

4. Oldest Bridesmaid

5. Tango of Deception

6. Women & Lies

7. Doubt

8. Hire a Woman

9. Mad About You

10. Made in Heaven

11. Seven

12. Homely: What Men Want

13. Lagos Real Fake Life

14. The Eve

15. Banana Island Ghost

16. Three Wise Men

17. Hush





Awards And Nominations 



In 2018, Uche received a prestigious award for her outstanding performance as a supporting actress in the TV series called Hush. She was honored at the Moreklue All Youth Awards Africa, which is also known as the Maya Awards.





Net worth 




Uche is worth about $300,000. She earns a significant amount of money from her acting profession.




Social Media Handle



You can follow Uche on Instagram at uchemontana and on Twitter at @UcheNwaefuna.

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