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Welcome to the world of Wikilifeng, where we turn your life story into a captivating masterpiece!


At Wikilifeng, we're not just a biography wing; we're the beating heart of HighlifeNg Media. While operating independently, we're proud partners with HighlifeNg, united in our mission to bring compelling life stories to the forefront.


Are you ready to share your unique journey on Wikilifeng? Look no further – you're in the right place. As Nigeria's leading biography platform, we proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with Wikipedia, offering you the perfect stage to showcase your life's narrative.


Imagine your experiences and accomplishments transformed into an enthralling tale, ready to inspire and captivate thousands of daily visitors. At Wikilifeng, we're committed to giving your story the prominence it deserves – making you one of the most read biographies out there.


So, how do we make this happen?


Embark on this exciting venture with our carefully crafted packages:


1. Basic Package - #10,000

   For a nominal fee of ten thousand naira, our team of expert writers will skillfully craft your biography. No need to worry about your English proficiency – just share your information, and we'll do the rest.


2. Basic Promo Package - #30,000

   Elevate your story to new heights with our Basic Promo Package. We'll not only publish your biography but also feature it prominently in the top slider position. This means that your story will capture the attention of 95% of Wikilifeng's visitors. This promotion package will stay for Two weeks before it will be dropped to other pages.


3. Premium Package - #50,000

   Ready for the ultimate spotlight? Our Premium Package ensures that your biography remains in the top slider position for a full month. With 95% of visitors viewing this prime spot, your story will resonate with a wide and captivated audience.


Whether you're ready to share your legacy, extend your stay in the spotlight, or have any questions, our dedicated team is here to assist you.

Don't hesitate to reach out for more information or to tailor a package that suits your needs.


Your life story is a masterpiece, and at Wikilifeng, we're here to illuminate it .for the world to see.


Email: [email protected]

(We reply as fast as possible, at maximum, 30 minutes)


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