Sonia Uche Biography

Sonia Uche Biography

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Sonia Uche, whose full name is Ihuoma Sonia Uche, is a well-known Nigerian actress and businesswoman. She was born on May 25, 1995, in Delta State, Nigeria. Sonia Uche has gained fame for her notable roles in several Nollywood films, including "Two Peas" released in 2022, "Vanity" released in 2021, "Marriage Pressure" released in 2020, and "War Front" released in 2021. In addition to her acting career, she is also recognized as the eldest daughter of Uche Nancy, who is a prominent Nollywood actress, film producer, and costumier.


Sonia Uche

Sonia Uche

Full Name Ihuoma Sonia Uche
Date of Birth May 25, 1995
State of Origin Delta State
Occupation(s) Actress, Businesswoman
Parents Mrs Uche Nancy (father unknown)
Siblings 4 sisters
Marital Status Not Married (2023)
Children None
Age 28 years old (2023)
Net Worth $200,000




Early Life And Education 




Sonia's journey in the entertainment industry began during her time at university. However, her big break came in 2019 when she starred in the movie "Frank's Wife" as a naive village girl.



Since then, she has had the privilege of working with renowned Nollywood stars like Olu Jacobs, Patience Ozokwor, Yemi Blaq, and Julie Ibrahim.



Sonia Uche completed her primary and secondary education in Delta State before earning a Theatre Arts Degree in 2018 from the prestigious University of Abuja.









Sonia Uche's acting journey began at a young age, but it wasn't an easy path for her. She had to go through multiple auditions before finally landing a role in the movie "Complicated."



However, her breakthrough into major fame came when she played the lead character in the movie "My Boss' Daughter."



Sonia Uche found this particular movie challenging, as she had to fully embody the personality of her character and authentically portray her essence.



One of her notable roles is in the movie "Frank's Wife." She has an impressive filmography with over 80 movies to her name and counting. She has worked on several film projects alongside her mother and even starred alongside her sister in films like "My Boss' Daughter" and "Vanity."



Sonia Uche has expressed that her idol in the movie industry is Genevieve Nnaji. She has also had the opportunity to work with other renowned stars such as Olu Jacobs, Patience Ozokwor, Pete Edochie, Mercy Johnson, and Ken Erics.










While information about Sonia Uche's father is not known, it is believed that her parents are divorced. Her mother, Uche Nancy, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian film industry. Uche Nancy has gained recognition and received awards for her work as a director, actress, and film producer.



She has an impressive portfolio and has appeared in various Nollywood movies, including "Twins Apart," "The Lamb," "World of Lust," and "Faces of Betrayal."



Uche Nancy's exceptional talent and contributions have been acknowledged through accolades such as the 2016 AMVC Award for Best Costume Designer and the Best Producer of the Year in the Actord Guild Award.





Is Sonia uche Married?




As of the available information, there is no evidence to suggest that Sonia Uche, the actress, is currently married. There has been speculation among fans regarding her personal life, particularly about her child. However, it should be clarified that rumors suggesting she gave birth in 2022 are unfounded. The actress was simply portraying a pregnant character in a movie called "The Beast in Him."










Sonia Uche is the oldest among her four sisters. Her position as the eldest daughter in the family paved the way for her younger sister, Chinenye Uche, who also entered the world of acting and made her debut in Nollywood in 2000. Chinenye Uche has appeared in various films, including "World of Lust," "More Than Sisters," "Living Nightmare," "Voice of a Mother," and "Slay Mother-in-Law."



In addition to her sister Chinenye, Sonia Uche has two other siblings named Ijeoma "Pretty Omah" Nnebe and Chinanu Nnebe. They have pursued entrepreneurial ventures in the fashion industry. Pretty Omah is the founder of Omah's Label, while her sister Chinanu promotes a clothing line called Sunshine Collectionz on the online platform Jumia.









Since 2019, Sonia Uche has been actively involved in the movie industry, appearing in several films. Here is a list of some of the movies she has starred in:



- "My Pains" (2019)

- "The Chosen One" (2020)

- "Betrayed" (2020)

- "Pain of Love" (2020)

- "Not Just a Ring" (2020)

- "Marriage Pressure" (2020)

- "Test of Love" (2020)

- "What Is Mine" (2020)

- "Akachi" (2021)

- "Storms in Marriage" (2021)

- "Pride of the Land" (2021)

- "Obsession" (2021)

- "War Front" (2021)

- "Vanity" (2021)

- "Naked Lies" (2021)

- "Caught in the Middle" (2021)

- "Two Peas" (2022)

- "The Game" (2022)

- "The Beast in Him" (2022)

- "That Woman of Faith" (2022)

- "Line of Heart" (2023)

- "Show Me Love" (2023)

- "The Hurt You Give" (2023)

- "Heart Strokes" (2023)