Chief Michael Udegbi Biography

Chief Michael Udegbi Biography

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Chief Michael Udegbi is a blind Egwu Ekpili singer from Eziagu L.G.A, Enugu State, Nigeria. He came to light of recognition after he released Ibalu Mmanwu album, which was produced by Akpamma Studios in Awka.

Chief Michael Udegbi made songs like 'Nwanne Malu Nwanneya', 'Ndi Ji Ego Achu Ego' , Akure Special. his album 'Ibalu Mmanwu' introduced him to Limelight as he used those songs to ridicule troubles withinside the society. He is likewise regarded for his unique tone and proverbs, combining proverbs with tones and thereby giving humans the pleasure of listening.

Chief Michael Udegbi

Chief Michael Udegbi Na Olo

Birth Name Michael Udegbi
Also known as Ibalu Mmanwu
Born 1971[1]

Eziagu, Enugu State, Nigeria


Genres Egwu Ekpili


Onyebuchi Okoye (Akpamma), Chidozie Nwangwu. 

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