Stanley Okorie Biography

Stanley Okorie Biography

Stanley Okorie (born 1990) is a Nigerian Nollywood composer and writer, known for Chicken Madness (2006) and Circle of Fire (2017). He was a British Albion contractor. 

Stanley Okorie

The Stanley Okorie

Birth name Stanley Okorie
Place of Birth  Jos, Nigeria.
Genres  Null
Occupation(s) Writer, Composer
Years active 2006, 2007 - 2022.
Labels Null
Associated acts Nollywood


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  • Emmanuel ovuoba
    September 17, 2022

    Very very important

  • Emmanuel ovuoba
    September 17, 2022

    Very very important

  • Racheal Dada
    October 13, 2022

    I listen to your music titled " The goodness of God" many years ago. I can still sing all the songs on the album by myself. What an anointed singer you were. You didn't allow God to fully use you, you were swayed by Nollywood's peanut and couldn't press enough into God to show you to the world. You wouldn't have been compared with any gospel artist by this time. What a miss call. May God show you mercy.

  • Roland Nkfurkwi
    November 18, 2022

    I love the way you sang your songs . Indeed you're the best.

  • Stanley Okorie is a wonderfully and divinely endowed with talents of glorious voice of his generation. I'm also blessed and delighted listening to ur music.
    December 17, 2022

    Brother Stanley you're already blessed no one can Curse whom God has blessed. Shalom 🙏

  • Prez
    December 21, 2022

    How can write that Stanley Okorie was born in 1990, are you okay at all? The page is a joke.

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