Junior Pope Odonwodo Biography

Junior Pope Odonwodo Biography

Junior Pope Odonwodo, also known as Junior Pope or Jnr Pope, was a much-loved actor and TV personality in Nigeria. He made a lasting impact on the country's film industry with his memorable performances and charismatic presence. Junior Pope's talent and charm captivated audiences, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Junior Pope Odonwodo

Junior Pope Odonwodo

Early Life and Education




Born on May 7th, 1984, in Bamenda, Cameroon, Junior Pope was raised in a culturally rich environment blending Nigerian and Cameroonian heritage. Despite his Cameroonian roots, he held a deep affection for Nigeria, particularly the Ukehe tribe in Enugu State, where his family had ties. After completing his primary and secondary education in Bamenda, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in accounting at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where his passion for acting began to flourish.








Junior Pope's journey in the Nigerian film industry began in 2006, marked by persistent auditions and minor roles in films. His breakthrough came in 2007 when he secured the lead role in Tchidi Chikere’s acclaimed film, “Secret Adventures,” catapulting him to stardom. With nearly 100 movies to his credit, including notable works like “Bitter Generation” and “The Cat,” Junior Pope established himself as one of Nigeria’s finest actors.









1. The Suyis (2024)

2. No Way Through (2023)

3. Honey Money (2023)

4. Adissa (2023)

5. Gbege (2022)

6. Felicia (2022)

7. 1951 (2021)

8. Blood Affair (2021)

9. Oche's Secret (2019)

10. The infertile Maiden 1 (2019)

11. Odum the God of Justice (2018)

12. Wrong Initiation (2018)

13. We Meet Again (2017)

14. Fight for Peace (2015)

15. Second Burial 2 (2014)

16. Second Burial (2014)

17. World of Lust (2014)

18. Eye of the Eagle (2013)

19. Jujuwood (2013)

20. The Stolen Fruit (2013)

21. Amnesty (2011)

22. Princess Rihanna (2010)

23. Evil Manipulation (2010)

24. Bitter Generation 2 (2010)

25. Bitter Generation (2010)

26. Mad Sex (2010)

27. Always Mine (2009)

28. Onoja (2008)

29. Where Oceans Touch 2 (2008)

30. Where Oceans Touch (2008)

31. Throne of Tears (2008)

32. Power as of Old (2007)

33. Lost in the Jungle (2007)





Wife and Children




Junior Pope found love with Jennifer Awele Okpuno, an event decorator and brand influencer, whom he met through Facebook in 2010. They tied the knot on July 26, 2014, and were blessed with three children – two boys and a girl – adding joy and fulfillment to their family life.