Father Ebube Muonso Biography

Father Ebube Muonso Biography

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Rev. Father Ebube Muonso, also known as Chibuzo Emmanuel Obimma, was born on August 18, 1980, in a small village called Uruebo, in Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Anambra state. He is a Nigerian Catholic priest and entrepreneur who serves as the spiritual director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, known for his passionate preaching and healing ministry."


Father Ebube Muonso

Father Ebube Muonso



Obimma first went to school at Ezunaka Primary School. After that, he went to St. Paul's Seminary, Ukpor for junior high school, and then All Hallows Seminary, Onitsha for high school. He felt a strong calling to the church and eventually became a Catholic priest in August 2011. He studied at Pope John Paul Major Seminary in Awka and the Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary in Onitsha to prepare for the priesthood.




Family Background 



Obimma is the youngest of seven brothers. His parents, Bartholomew and Grace Obimma, both worked in the clothing business. Interestingly, three of his brothers tried to become priests but never finished their studies.




Priesthood And Ministry 



Obimma first worked as a substitute priest at St. Dominic's Catholic Church in Uke. Then, he became a vicar at St. Charles Borromeo parish in Onitsha. His church services, called Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry in Uke, bring in the most people in the Onitsha diocese and has provided jobs for almost 20,000 people. People believe his prayers have healing powers. He also speaks out against violent groups in the state.







In 2017, there were rumors of a feud between Ebube Muonso and Father Mbaka, who started Adoration Ministries in Enugu. Followers of each priest accused the other of being a false prophet. Obimma later said this wasn't true.







Obimma also runs a water business. He sells Paraclete table water, which his followers believe has healing powers.







Obimma helped education by starting the Divine Rays British School in Anambra State. This school gives a good, affordable education to young people and also creates many jobs.




Musical Career



Obimma has made music too. Some of his songs are "Njem okwu obe", "My year of divine", "Ike obara", and "Ike muo nso".







Father Obimma has made a big difference in many people's lives. His church services have helped people grow spiritually, and his businesses have helped the local economy.




Net worth 



Father Obimma's estimated net worth stands at around $5 million. This wealth has been accumulated from a combination of his roles as a priest, entrepreneur, and educator.


His spiritual services and entrepreneurial ventures, such as his water business and Divine Rays British School, have not only provided him with financial success but also greatly benefited his community by creating jobs and promoting spiritual and personal growth. His influence is extensive and will undoubtedly continue to shape his community for many years to come.


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