Illbliss Biography

Illbliss Biography

Tobechukwu Melvin Okafor, professionally known as Illbliss, was born on 30 December 1979 in Enugu, Nigeria. He is a renowned 45-year-old Nigerian rapper, sound producer, actor, and music executive. Illbliss is the founder and CEO of The Goretti Company, credited for launching the careers of music superstars, Chidinma and Phyno.




Early Life and Education



Hailing from Nigeria, iLLBLISS, also fondly called Oga Boss, was born into a world pulsating with music on an undisclosed date. He pursued higher education, attaining a master's degree in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos.





Musical Career




iLLBLISS embarked on his musical journey around 2000. His debut album, "Dat Ibo Boy" in 2009, marked a significant milestone. The hit track, "Aiye Po Gan! (Enuf Space)," showcased his lyrical prowess. In July 2020, he dropped a new album, "Illy Chapo X," earning nominations for the prestigious HEADIES 2020 award.




Personal Life





Beyond his musical endeavors, iLLBLISS, often addressed as Oga Boss, extended his influence to the movie industry, making his acting debut in "King of Boys." His portrayal of the mafia boss, Odogwu Malay, garnered acclaim. The sequel, "The King Of Boys 2," witnessed a reprisal of his captivating role.


Married to Munachiso Ejiofor since 2009, iLLBLISS balances his career with family life. He co-owns Capital Hills Records and is a managing partner. His real estate investments and brand ambassadorship with Hero lager beer contribute to his versatile portfolio.






 iLLBLISS is happily married and blessed with two lovely children.