Chikamso Ejiofor Biography

Chikamso Ejiofor Biography

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Chikamso Ejiofor is a talented actor in the Nigerian film industry, known as Nollywood. He has been actively working in the industry for several years and has gained popularity with various nicknames such as Ozonigbo, NwaEzendiala, Sunnyboy, and NTU. Chikamso was born on March 6, 1994, in Anambra State, Nigeria. He's also known as Zubby Michael adopted son. He is often compared to the famous duo Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, popularly known as Aki & Pawpaw.

Chikamso Ejiofor

Chikamso Ejiofor

Early Life And Education 



Chikamso Ejiofor's early life and education are often a topic of discussion. Some people have wondered if he is the son of Zubby Michael, as he frequently portrays Zubby Michael's son in movies. However, we currently do not have information about Chikamso Ejiofor's educational background. We know that he completed his primary and secondary school education, earning his first school leaving certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.









Chikamso Ejiofor is an actor in Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry. He has been active in the industry for a considerable period of time and has appeared in many movies. Ugochukwu Dominic, a Nigerian film producer and the founder of Rock Celly Films, is said to have discovered Ejiofor's acting talent. Dominic provided him with his initial acting opportunities in a few films, and over time, Ejiofor gained recognition and popularity within the Nigerian entertainment industry.






Wife / Girlfriend 



Chikamso Ejiofor is currently not married, and he keeps his personal relationships private.






Real Age – Date of Birth



Chikamso Ejiofor's date of birth is March 6th, 1994, which means that as of the year 2023, he is 29 years old. Despite what some of his fans may believe, Chikamso is older than the age range of 15 to 20 that they may have assumed.





Chikamso Ejiofor's Movies



1. Okoso 1

2. Paradise In Trouble

3. Our Father

4. House Boy

5. Only Son

6. Woman Leader

7. Trouble Kids

8. Single Parent

9. Oga Money

10. Family battle 

11. Trouble kids

12. Twins Apart 

13. Crazy twins

14. Trouble houseboy

15. Home trouble 

16. Single Parent 

17. Hidden Truth 

18. Double wahala





Net worth



It is reported that Chikamso Ejiofor has an estimated net worth of $150,000. He primarily earns his income from his successful acting career, which appears to be his main source of earnings.









Is Chikamso Ejiofor dead ?



Chikamso Ejiofor, also known as Ozonigbo, has been the subject of false rumors regarding his death. However, it is necessary to emphasize that these rumors are completely untrue. Chikamso Ejiofor is alive and in good health. Despite the spread of these rumors, fans have expressed concern about his well-being, but there is no need to worry as he is alive and actively pursuing his career. It is crucial to rely on accurate and verified information rather than spreading baseless rumors.





Social media Handle



In addition to his acting career, Ejiofor is also gaining popularity as a social media personality. He has a growing number of followers on Instagram, with approximately 114k followers at the time of writing this article.

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