Alhaji Galadima Biography

Alhaji Galadima Biography

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Alhaji Galadima, who often refers to himself as "Otiegwu Na Umumbo," is a famous musician specializing in the Egwu Ekpili music genre, hailing from Umumbo in Anambra State, born in the 1970s. He began his musical journey alongside a partner known as TONADO, collectively performing as "Galadima and TONADO." He is also the leader of Ayemelu Brothers Band.




Alhaji Galadima

Alhaji Galadima




Alhaji Galadima was born in Anambra State. Alhaji Galadima developed a deep passion for music at a young age. He grew up in a place where there was a lot of traditional Igbo music. This had a big effect on his music. His talent and love for music helped him become a famous highlife musician.








Alhaji Galadima started his music career when he made the Ayamelum Brothers Band. This band quickly became popular in the Igbo music world. He was good at playing music and he was also very good at performing on stage. 


Initially, Galadima served as the lead singer, with TONADO as the backup vocalist. However, in recent times, he has chosen to pursue his musical career independently under the name "Alhaji Galadima," discontinuing the "Galadima and TONADO" duo, possibly due to internal conflicts.


In one of his recent tracks, Galadima expressed, "Some people are angry, but they are still among my great men," while extending greetings to those he respects. It is speculated that he may have been referring to TONADO, implying that despite any disagreements, they are still valued associates.


Galadima is recognized as the foremost musician for Akwa Okuku Tiwara Aki and has received various gifts, including a car, in appreciation of his numerous tracks dedicated to the young native doctor, Akwa Okuku Tiwara Aki.


A significant portion of Galadima's music catalog has been produced by Akpamma Studios, under the guidance of Onyebuchi Okoye, widely known as Akpamma Na Awka. However, in 2023, he released more tracks with Obiroyce Studios compared to his previous collaborations with Akpamma Studios.






Famous Tracks



1. Ayi Akaligo Egwu

2. Obu Egwu Anyi

3. Mayor na Indonesia

4. Ezigbo Mmadu Anatago

5. Onye Nwuru Ozuru Ike

6. Aka Di Mma Awubago

7. Ogom Egbunam

8. Iso Na Mmawu

9. Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki Special



These songs show that Alhaji Galadima can make many different types of music. Each song is special and makes people want to listen to it. The songs have strong beats and meaningful words. They are loved by people who like Igbo music all over the world. Alhaji Galadima's music has had a big effect on highlife music. He also works to share Igbo culture through his music.






Collaboration With Obi Royce



Alhaji Galadima, a talented musician, has experienced great success in his musical journey, thanks to his collaboration with the renowned music producer Obi Royce. Obi Royce is known for his exceptional skills in producing high-quality music, and his influence has played a crucial role in shaping Alhaji Galadima's unique sound and propelling his career to new heights. Together, they have created remarkable musical compositions that have received widespread critical acclaim and deeply resonated with audiences.




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