Ududo Nnodi Biography

Ududo Nnodi Biography

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Leo Spider, popularly known as Ududo Nnobi, is a multi-talented individual hailing from Enugu, Nigeria. He is an actor, entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and composer. Leo Spider gained fame in the entertainment industry through his remarkable contributions in Nollywood and the Nigerian music scene.

Ududo Nnodi

Ududo Nnodi

Early Life And Career



Leo Spider began his journey in the early 1990s, displaying his talents and pursuing his passion for the arts. He was born and raised in Enugu, where he developed a deep love for music and acting. Leo Spider's commitment to his craft led him to become a well-respected figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.



Musical Career



Under the stage name Ududo Nnobi, Leo Spider released the popular evergreen album titled "Ududo Nnobi." The album featured tracks such as "Ojomma," "Obodo Emebigo," and "Amara Chukwu." Leo Spider's musical style captivated audiences, and the album became a sensation, garnering widespread acclaim. He also named his band "Ado Na Ide," which represented Onitsha and Ado Na Idemmili.



Acting Career



Leo Spider's talents extended beyond music as he ventured into acting. He showcased his skills in numerous Nollywood films, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. With his charismatic presence and versatile acting abilities, he became a recognizable face in the Enugu-based film industry.






In addition to his artistic pursuits, Leo Spider is also an entrepreneur. He has ventured into various business endeavors, leveraging his creativity and industry knowledge to establish successful ventures. By combining his passion for entertainment with his entrepreneurial spirit, he has achieved success in both realms.






Leo Spider's notable tracks from the album "Ududo Nnobi" include;


- Ojomma
- Obodo Emebigo
- Amara Chukwu
- Ijere Ramzy
- Kam Naba Obodom
- Amalachukwu


Leo Spider's album "Obodo Emebigo" gained significant attention, with its unique blend of captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics. The album's success solidified Leo Spider's position as a respected musician in the Nigerian music industry.

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