Twyse Ereme Biography

Twyse Ereme Biography

Ereme Abraham, aka Twyse Ereme, was born on July 28, 1992. Known for his comedy on Instagram, YouTube, and as a social media influencer, Twyse has become famous for his unique and entertaining skits. Originally from Edo State, Nigeria, Twyse has the special distinction of being the sole child in his family.




Twyse Ereme

Twyse Ereme

Early Life and Education




Twyse Ereme's childhood unfolded in Ibadan, and he also spent time growing up in the United Kingdom. His educational journey began at Obiye Primary School in Port Harcourt, and later, he attended St Isabel Nursery and Primary School in Ibadan. For his secondary education, he chose Federal Government College.


Venturing into higher education, Twyse pursued a bachelor's degree in Graphics Design and Animation at Annamalai University in Chennai, India. Continuing his academic pursuits, he furthered his studies in Information and Communication Technology at London Metropolitan University in London.








Twyse Ereme gained widespread acclaim after KraksTV and Aphrican Ape shared his comedy skit titled "My Mum slapping a pan on my maid in the kitchen." His comedic brilliance shines through in the series "Twyse and Family," where he skillfully portrays a variety of eccentric characters within his own family.


Beyond his comedic talents, Twyse is a versatile artist, showcasing his skills as a singer and rapper during his leisure time. The "Twyse and Family" series uniquely captures the essence of a typical Nigerian home, with Twyse taking on various roles such as Daddy Tobi, Mummy Tobi, Tobi, Taofeek, Sade, Ridwan, Grandma, and Aphrican Ape.




Net Worth and Endorsements




Twyse Ereme, recognized as one of Nigeria's top content creators, boasts a net worth estimated at N600,000. His creative flair has attracted endorsement deals from reputable brands such as SureBet, Orijin, Sunlight, among others.




 Social Media Presence




Twyse Ereme's influence extends to social media, particularly Instagram, where he engages with his audience. You can find him at @twyse

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