Stephanie Ekwu Biography

Stephanie Ekwu Biography

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Stephanie Ekwu, is a renowned Nigerian actress and filmmaker, who gained recognition for her role as Nneoma in "10 Years Later" and as Amaka in "Royal Birth Right." Born on December 29th, she hails from the Southeastern part of Nigeria.


Stephanie Ekwu

Stephanie Ekwu


Full Name 


Stephanie Ekwu 


Date of Birth 


December 29th


State of Origin 






Actress, Film maker 


Marital Status 


Not married (2023)








Mr and Mrs Ekwu


Net Worth 


$200,000 - $400,000










Stephanie attended a reputable secondary school for her secondary education, but there are no further details about her tertiary education.










Ekwu's journey to fame began in 2009 with her role in "Forgive Me Father." She garnered more recognition as Nneoma in "10 Years Later" and as Amaka in "Royal Birth Right." She has acted in over 50 Nollywood movies, sharing the screen with top actors like Ken Erics, Zubby Michael, and Yul Edochie. Notably, her resemblance to Nollywood actress Chizoba Nwokoye sparked rumors of them being twin sisters, further fueled by their twin roles in the movie "The Identical Twins."










Some of her notable movies include:


The Identical Twins

Seed of Love


Heart of a Lion

The Brief Case

Brother’s War

Forbidden Love

Ijewele the Great

Audio Money Babes

Spirit of Janet 

Diary of Me

Friendly Enemy

The Third Girl

Billionaire Nanny

Silver And Gold

Before The Will

The Saviour

Wounded Lion

The Immaculate Family

Queen's Mother 






Personal Life





Is Stephanie Ekwu married?



As of now, Stephanie Ekwu is not married, but she frequently expresses her love for her mother on her Instagram page.






Stephanie Ekwu's Twin Sister





Interestingly, Stephanie shares a striking resemblance with Nollywood actress Chizoba Nwokoye, also known as Sharon Chizzy. They portrayed twins in the movie "Identical Twins," captivating audiences with their seamless chemistry despite not being related.