Rev Ifueko Charmien Ebhota Biography

Rev Ifueko Charmien Ebhota Biography

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Rev Ifueko Charmien Ebhota, also known as Ifueko Charmien, is a Nigerian gospel singer, writer, and minister born in the 1970s in Lagos state. However, she originally hails from Edo State, Nigeria.


Rev Ifueko Charmien Ebhota

Rev Ifueko Charmien Ebhota

Early Life and Career







Rev. Ifueko is currently based in Ghana and has been in the music ministry for the greater part of her life, starting in the choir at the age of 13 while still in secondary school. She began recording uplifting music in 2015, specializing in Gospel, Pop, and Soul genres. According to Rev Ifueko, her husband and pastor, Archbishop Nicholas Ducan Williams, along with a dear friend named Bro Terry, encouraged her to release her first album in 2013. Her music aims to call people to intimacy with God and inspire them to break out of their limitations.










Albums and Ministrations






Rev. Ifueko draws inspiration from the scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and her pastor's messages. She has released two albums so far: "My WORSHIP" (2013) and "MAJESTY" (2017). She continues to minister at various events, including notable ones like the Akwa-Ibom Carols night in Nigeria and the Women In Worship concert in Ghana. Currently, she is working on a new album and organizes yearly worship and music conferences under the name "KATARTIZO" and women's conferences under "Deborah's Company Umbrella" She featured her musical son, Elvis Bentil, in his album in 2023.











Marital Status






Rev Ifueko is happily married to her husband, and they're blessed with children. 










Future Plans





Rev Ifueko is preparing to release her next album, "The Breaker." She disclosed that her songs bring healing, hope, and restoration, emphasizing that her music preaches all about Jesus Christ.















In conclusion, Rev Ifueko Charmien Ebhota, an accomplished Nigerian gospel singer, writer, and minister, has demonstrated a deep commitment to her faith and a passion for sharing the message of hope and healing through her music. Born in Lagos state in the 1970s, but with roots in Edo State, Nigeria, Rev Ifueko's journey in the music ministry has been marked by dedication, inspiration, and a desire to uplift souls. With her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, she continues to make a significant impact in the gospel music scene, touching lives and spreading the message of Jesus Christ's love and redemption. As she embarks on new endeavours and prepares to release her upcoming album, "The Breaker," her future remains bright, promising more meaningful contributions to the world of gospel music and ministry.

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