Olivetheboy Biography

Olivetheboy Biography

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Olivetheboy, whose birth name is Joel Ofori Bonsu, is a talented Afrobeats singer and songwriter from Konongo, Ghana. Born on October 19, 2002 making him 20 years old as of 2022, he is a young artist who is quickly gaining popularity for his unique sound and meaningful lyrics.




Real Name Joel Ofori Bonsu
Date of Birth October 19, 2002
Place of Birth Ghana
Nationality Ghanian
Record Label Loop Entertainment
Age 20 years old (2022)
Stage Name Olivetheboy
Net Worth Not Available




Early Life 



Olivetheboy was born and grew up in Konongo, a lively city in Ghana. Even as a child, he loved music and was inspired by the culture of his country.







For his education, Olivetheboy went to Opoku Ware Senior High School in Ghana. After finishing high school, he went to the University of Ghana to continue his studies.




Musical Career 



After high school, in 2020, Olivetheboy started his music career officially. He joined Loop Music and started making music that stood out because of its special mix of Afrobeats and smart lyrics.




Vital success And Recognition



Olivetheboy became really famous in May 2023 when his song "Goodsin" from his album 'Avana' became popular on TikTok. A Ghanaian Dancer named Endurance Grand started a challenge with the song, and it went viral. By June 5, 2023, the song was the most searched on Shazam in Nigeria and Ghana, which was a big moment in his career.




Record Label 



He is currently under contract with Loop Entertainment, a record label established by Ghanaian producer Craze (iam_vampire_official). This means that he has signed an agreement to work exclusively with Loop Entertainment, allowing them to manage his music career and release his music under their label.




Girlfriend, Wife And Children



Olivetheboy as a young promising musical artist focuses more on his career and education. He has no girlfriend nor wife for the moment.







Olivetheboy has created a lot of different songs, showing his style:



- Goodsin

- Je

- Stay

- Only You

- 360

- Confession


- Jiggy Body

- Boys Boys

- All on You

- Hey Shody

- Blackstars Anthem

- Jeleje

- Saturday



Net Worth 



No one knows exactly how much money Olivetheboy has made, but he's getting more and more popular because of his hit "Goodsin" on TikTok, so he's probably doing well.







Even though Olivetheboy is new to Afrobeats, he's already making a big difference. His unique style and lyrics that people can relate to are reaching a lot of people and shaping what Afrobeats will sound like in the future.

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