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Kings Oz Biography

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Kings Oz is a famous highlife musician from Abia State, Nigeria. He was born in 1988 in a town called Lekwesi Obiagu Umuchieze, which is located in the Umunneochi local government area. Growing up in an Igbo family, Kings Oz was exposed to the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Igbo people from a young age. These experiences had a significant impact on his musical career and helped him develop a distinctive style as a highlife artist.

Kings Oz

Kings Oz




Kings Oz's education began at Central School Nawfija in Orumba South L.G.A, Anambra State. He later shifted and finished his primary education at Lekwesi Central School Umuchieze. He attended various secondary schools, finally getting his certificate from Marshall Secondary School in Sokoto State. He also started studying at Usman Danfodio University in Sokoto, but left to focus on his music.




Musical Career



Kings Oz discovered his music talent while he was young. He first showcased his talent at Abosso Apostolic Faith Church in Umuchieze Umunneochi, Abia State, where he was a choir leader and band leader. He continued this role at the Assemblies of God Church Choir in Sokoto after moving from his hometown.



In 2008, Kings Oz joined the "Ultimate Band" in Sokoto State. There, he improved his skills by playing multiple instruments like the piano, drums, lead guitar, bass guitar, and more. This phase was an important step in his music career.



Later, Kings Oz started his own music learners and entertainment band group called "Kings Oz Music Training World Entertainment", which later became "Kozi Entertainment", his current music label. His first song "Sarki Yama" was released in 2006.




Notable Collaborations



One of Kings Oz's key collaborations was with Saro Wiwa on the songs "Gbaliba Egwu" and "Ogu Na Ofor".








Kings Oz is known for songs like "Obodo Ekwelugo" and "Gbado Anya". His special mix of traditional highlife music with modern styles has earned him praise in the music world.




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