Chinenye Eucharia Biography

Chinenye Eucharia Biography

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Chinenye Eucharia whose full name is Chinenye Anibueze Eucharia, is an upcoming Nollywood actress who came into the limelight after she was adopted by one of Nollywood most famous actress, Destiny Etiko (a.k.a Drama Doll). She was born in Nigeria on March 3, 2005 and hails from Enugu State, Nigeria. She made her debut in the movie titled “The Cab Ladies" alongside her Nollywood mother, Destiny Etiko. As of November 2023, Chinenye had over 170,000 Instagram followers.


Chinenye Eucharia

Chinenye Eucharia


Full Name 


Chinenye Eucharia Anibueze 


Date of Birth 


March 3rd, 2005


State of Origin 


Enugu State 






Marital Status 


Not married (2023)








Mr and Mrs Anibueze 




18 years old (2023)


Net Worth 









Chinenye Eucharia's Rise to Fame





Chinenye Eucharia gained internet fame after actress Destiny Etiko's social media post went viral. Destiny had shared a video where Chinenye expressed her passionate love for the actress in public, but was pulled away by her bodyguard. Destiny proclaimed Chinenye her adopted child and pledged to support her in the film industry. She gifted Chinenye an iPhone 11 Pro, which brought immense joy to the young woman and her family. Destiny continued to shower Chinenye with affection, upgrading her phone and supporting her career. Chinenye's second film, directed by Nellyann James and produced by @Unasmovies, started filming in January 2022.






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