2 Toff Biography

2 Toff Biography

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2 Toff is a Ghanaian hiplife group comprising Red Eye, a sound engineer, hiplife rapper, and singer, and Oguns, a hiplife rapper and singer. The duo burst onto the Ghanaian music scene in 2005 and quickly made a lasting impression. 

 2 Toff

Red Eye and Oguns

2 Toff is best known for their album "Oblayoo", which featured the hit single "Yenabra" featuring Castro. Interestingly, the track found greater success in Europe than in Ghana, further solidifying the duo's reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the global music industry.


In addition to their commercial success, 2 Toff has gained widespread acclaim for their hard-hitting lyrics in the Ga and Twi languages. Their unique blend of musical styles and poignant social commentary has earned them a loyal following among music lovers in Ghana and beyond.


Despite their success, 2 Toff remains committed to staying true to their roots and using their music as a platform for social change. Through their work, they continue to inspire a new generation of Ghanaian artists to push boundaries and make their voices heard on the global stage.


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