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Semah Biography

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Semah G. Weifur mostly referred to as Semah is a talented Liberian singer. He was born in Liberia in April 2006 making him 17 years old as of 2023. He faced numerous challenges right from the day he was born because he was blind and grew up in absolute poverty. 




Birth Name


Semah G. Weifur

Date of Birth


April 2006




Stage Name 





17 years old (2023)



Early Life



However, Semah never allowed his circumstances to bring down his spirit or hinder his ambitions. During his early years, he was taken care of by an organization called the Christian Association of the Blind (CAB), which is located in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia.




Musical Journey



Semah had always dreamed of becoming a singer since he was young. He admired Flavour, a popular Nigerian highlife musician, as well as MasterKraft, the producer behind many of Flavour's successful songs. Semah's dream of meeting and collaborating with them became a reality when he met Queen Juli Endee, a musician from Liberia. During a peace crusade at CAB, Semah performed one of Queen Juli Endee's songs and expressed his desire to meet Flavour and MasterKraft.



Fortunately, fate intervened when Flavour visited Monrovia for a concert. Upon hearing about Semah's talent and aspirations, Flavour decided to meet the young singer. On March 21st, 2017, at an event honoring Flavour, Semah captivated the audience with his heartfelt rendition of Flavour's song "MAMA." This meeting marked the beginning of an extraordinary musical journey for Semah.




Record Label



Flavour took Semah under his guidance and support. In 2017, they collaborated on a gospel duet called "Most High," which was included in Flavour's fifth studio album titled "Ijele - The Traveler." The song became extremely popular, reaching the top of various music charts and bringing attention to Semah's incredible talent.



In March 2018, Semah and Flavour joined forces again and released a joint gospel EP called "Divine." The EP was produced by MasterKraft, a well-known music producer. This collaboration further showcased Semah's exceptional abilities and solidified his presence in the music industry.




Songs And Albums



Semah is a talented musician known for his collaborations with Flavour. One of their popular songs together is called "Most High," and they also released a gospel EP called Divine. Semah has showcased his vocals in various performances, including songs by Flavour and other artists. Some of his notable tracks include "No One Like You," "All We Need," "Love Is All We Need," and "Unchangeable God."




Personal Life



In 2017, Flavour adopted Semah in Nigeria. Before that, Semah lived with his biological parents and had a younger sister. Since being adopted, Semah has stayed with Flavour in Nigeria. Despite becoming more and more famous, Semah stays humble and keeps improving his skills. He performs at different events in Africa and North America. His story inspires many people, showing that no matter what challenges you face, you can still pursue your dreams and succeed.


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  • Bernolda
    November 30, 2023

    Oh my God this artist bless me everyday, I am from Namibia and one day wants to meet this specific artist/singer...keep on doing what you do best!!

  • Obasikwe blessing
    January 13, 2024

    Am so happy for this artist and i love his voice.this shows that one should not give up on his/her dreams i tap from ur blessing dear may GOD send me my own destiny helper.contiue the good work

    February 07, 2024


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