Pearl Shim Biography

Pearl Shim Biography

Pearl Shim Mugala, popularly known as Little Daniella, is a rising Nigerian actress and a star in Soul Mate Studio. Born on June 27, 2008, in Delta State, Nigeria, she is of Korean descent through her father. Despite not meeting her father, Pearl's late mother, Afor Franca Mugala, hailed from Udu Local Government Area in Delta State.


Pearl Shim

Pearl Shim



Pearl Shim Mugala (Popularly known as Little Daniella)


Date of Birth


June 27, 2008




Delta State, Nigeria




Korean descent through her father




Late mother - Afor Franca Mugala




Currently pursuing secondary education in Warri, Delta State


Acting Career


Started Nollywood journey at age 9 in 2017, rising star in Soul Mate Studio


Notable Films


Hostage," "Small Girl With Big God," "All I Want For Christmas," "Lent," "My Kids and I," "Little Daniella," and "In Bondage with Little Daniella"


Role Model


Regina Daniels for acting skills, Ogbonna as her male role model


Net Worth


Approximately $100,000 as of 2023,




Early Life and Education




Currently pursuing her secondary education in Warri, Delta State, Pearl Shim began her Nollywood journey at the age of 9 in 2017. Her roots in Delta State and a touch of Korean heritage contribute to her unique background.




Acting Career




Pearl Shim swiftly made a mark in the movie industry, starring in notable films such as "Hostage," "Small Girl With Big God," "All I Want For Christmas," "Lent," "My Kids and I," and "Little Daniella," among others. Her breakthrough came with the movie "In Bondage with Little Daniella," catapulting her to fame. Notably, she shared the screen with industry stars like Christian Paul, Ebu, and the Oguike family.









Known for portraying compelling teenage characters, Pearl Shim's filmography includes a diverse range of roles. Noteworthy projects include


 "The Making of Small Girl With Big God," which she found both challenging and enjoyable.





Personal Life




Pearl Shim maintains a professional relationship with the Oguike family, clarifying that they are not related by blood but are colleagues and friends. Expressing a strong passion for acting, she aspires to study Theatre Arts in the future.




Role Model




Regina Daniels serves as Pearl Shim's role model due to her brilliant acting skills, while she also looks up to actor Ogbonna as her male role model.





Net Worth





As of 2023, Pearl Shim boasts a net worth of approximately $100,000, establishing her as one of the highest-paid teenage actresses in Nollywood.



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