Echo Toikumo Biography

Echo Toikumo Biography

Chief Echo Toikumo was a Nigerian highlife musician from Ijaw clan. He was born in 1945 to the families of late Mr and Mrs Ayemiaya Toikumo. He went to U.N.A Primary School, which is currently known as F.A.C.M between the year 1955 to 1960. His elementary school training was shortened because of his dad's demise. Echo was Just 12 years old when this happened, but his quest for knowledge inspired him to acquire his grade two certificate program in Benin city, Nigeria. 

Echo Toikumo

Chief Echo Toikumo

Chief Echo Toikumoh, very much like his late dad, began his music career at 20 years old. As a skilled, naturally gifted and determined young man, he shriveled considerable chances to arise by freely setting up his own music bunch in 1973, known as "Echo And The International Brothers of Arogbo which later became "Echo And The Arogbo Fisher Brother's Band. Not discouraged by struggles of life, he independently battled to purchase a nearby guitar, through selling medication and cutting of hauls.

Chief Echo never played or gained instruments or music from any band, yet, as a result of his imaginative inventiveness, he showed all his musicians how to play instruments.

As a philosophical conventional performer, he had a motivation from Late Cardinal Jim Rex Lawson, a music master and father of highlife music. He said in his confession booth proclamation that "Following the demise of Rex Lawson in 1971, I saw him in my fantasy selling gold chains. I was given one to be purchased, yet had no cash. All things considered, I made an exchange by-trade and got one on my neck. In any case, I was unable to find it when I woke from rest. It tormented me since I thought it was truly".

The music of Chief Echo Toikumo is huge and extraordinary. It revives and rejuvenates the greater part of our dead and rotted customs passed on by our progenitors for any kind of future family. He is a minister of harmony, equity and value. Chief Echo contributed enormously to the society. 

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